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your world of
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In a world of billions of photos, videos, sounds and texts we help you find what you really need – and turn chaos into order.

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Select a few tags and explore media from all over the internet. Save the best, and let others see your collection.



Discover people sharing your interests and inspire them with great stuff and people you think they should know.


Net neutrality and
storytelling go hand in

At BLIND SPOT we support net neutrality for one simple reason. We believe in the freedom of telling the stories we want in the way we want.

We develop as human beings through the stories we tell, and to tell stories on the Internet we need access to everything. Otherwise how can we discover ourselves and evolve?

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The road to
human data

It used to be that everything was private until we decided to make it open. Now it’s the opposite. Everything is open until we choose to make it private.

On basis of that premise it seems fair to ask this simple question,

Is it okay that social platforms sell data about you to others without telling you?

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Thoughts on

We are building BLIND SPOT because we think people can evolve by sharing their narratives, and we view the billions of media clips that are floating around on the internet as a valuable collective consciousness, that we help you tap into to learn about yourself and the world around you. This is all good…except when it comes to copyright. It puts us right in the middle of an ongoing battle.

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