Dashlane Free Download

Dashlane Free Download

Dashlane Free Download,Dashlane For windows 10 32 64bit

Dashlane is the ultimate password manager for Windows PC and passcode storage, secure encryption and online transactions! Think your passwords are secure? Think again. Hackers can easily access passwords that are not encrypted. Instead of using the same, unencrypted passwords for every online account, Dashlane lets you generate and securely store unlimited unique, strong passwords in 3 easy steps. It even remembers and types them for you online.

Dashlane makes life simple and secure by: Remembering all of your passwords in an encrypted vault; Syncing your information across devices; Backing your encrypted data up to the cloud; Logging you into your accounts automatically; Creating strong, unique passwords with a single click; Securing credit card and personal information to make online shopping faster and safer.

Information about Dashlane

Passwords, e-mail data and address information are indispensable in everyday life on the internet. Whether you are shopping at Amazon, auctioning something on eBay or booking a plane trip – this is not possible without having to provide access data. Of course you should not use the same passwords everywhere. In order to keep track of your data and keep it safe, you can use the free password manager “Dashlane”. The data vault stores your passwords and other personal information, encrypts them using an AES 256-bit algorithm and allows access via a master password only. The only requirement is a free account. For working with your browser, there are suitable add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Fill out forms automatically
Working with “Dashlane” is very easy and saves a lot of time in your daily work. As soon as you access a website that requires access or contact information, you can quickly adopt the information and even fill out complete forms with your name, telephone number, address and e-mail. If you enter new information on previously unknown pages, they will be transferred directly to the password database if desired. Personal data already recorded in “Dashlane” is transferred to you by mouse click. Existing passwords can be imported during program installation from Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. If you have previously used another password manager, such as KeePass, LastPass or 1Passwort, you can also transfer this data.

Password generator
Dashlane helps you to find secure passwords. To do this, use the built-in password generator to set a desired character length of up to 28 characters and combine parameters such as letters, numbers and/ or symbols. The tool generates a password from this. When creating new accounts, you can also generate a new password directly from the browser. The “Security Board” gives you an overview of your entries with information about the strength of the passwords or the “security level”, ie whether you use a password on too many sites or if it is too old. “Dashlane” also informs you if a website is at risk and you should therefore change your access data as soon as possible.

Digital wallet
“Dashlane” can do more than “just” manage your access data. For example, you have the option of keeping your notes safe or storing the data of credit cards and bank accounts, identity cards or payment details in the “digital wallet”. Practical: Individual password combinations can be shared by e-mail if required (with up to five participants). In case of an emergency, you can even record a contact, which has access to all your data in case of emergency.

Synchronize data with iPhone, iPad, Android tablet & Co
. In addition to the free version of “Dashlane”, the password tool is offered in paid premium and business versions, which include a synchronization of your passwords with other computers (Mac, Unix and Windows) or mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android Support smartphones. The features of the premium version can be tested in the free edition for 30 days for free.

Dashlane Free Download